"How can there be too many children? It's like saying there are too many flowers." Mother Theresa

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 5, swimming and sun

The weather here is amazing. It is crisp and cool in the early mornings and late evenings, warm in the middle of the day. If feels like a warm fall day but looks like summer time year around. It really is perfect weather. We spent the day at the Hilton and went swimming. It was the first time swimming for my kids and Guta got in the water and immediately started to dog paddle, very shortly later he was swimming and even racing Derara across the pool! Selamawit did not swim though. I think her modesty won out and she didn’t want to put on her suit. She wagged her finger no at me and said “In Amedica”. I felt sorry for her just sitting there so I took her to the salon to let her get her hair done. She picked a braided do from a poster of braids. It looked lovely. Then, the boys wanted to get there hair done so we took them.
That evening we went to Fasika for traditional dancing and food.

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Terri said...

These children have really touched me. They are always smiling. We all can learn a lesson from them.