"How can there be too many children? It's like saying there are too many flowers." Mother Theresa

Thursday, June 24, 2010

So happy!

I get to be Auntie Lisa again and one more orphan has a home!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Break!!!!

Today was the last day of school! Ryan and I visited the kids for their awards ceremonies. Mercy earned the "friendly" award, no surprise to us as she's always greeting people with a happy face. Ben earned the "citizenship" award and Math award! His teacher said someday he'll be president! :-) Simon earned a Math award. Noah earned 6 or so awards including the Presidential award. Grace and Manny win an award from me for being such good troopers, this their first semester of school in America.
Adam and Lauren will be here before we know it to spend the summer. I have made our family schedule with our meal plan, game times, tv times, chores, homework and reading time, devotional time.....think that's all that's on the schedule. What's not on it is all our visits to the water park and the baseball park! We can get a summer pass to our water park for 200$ That's pretty great for 10 of us, unlimited access to the pools!
We are soon getting hardwood put in our downstairs. Why oh why did I not do that to begin with? Next up a leather couch, so I'm not paying to have this one cleaned.
I am planning my first home school year! Mercy, Beniam and Grace will be my first students. I'm praying the Teabow bill passes (allowing home school students to play sports in public school) then I'll be homeschooling the rest. (Unless of course I totally flop at this first attempt!) Any encouragement would be much appreciated.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Merry Merry Month of May

We have been really busy having fun this month. We have celebrated Mercy's completing kindergarten, attended a middle school choral concert, went hiking with grandparents, played a lot of baseball, went to a church picnic, celebrated birthdays (Ryan, me and my Dad), visited Kings Island, and celebrated Mothers Day.
Enjoy a few photos!
Now I am preparing for the kids to be home for summer, making our calendar and menu. Can't wait to have the kids home!

Have I mentioned how beautiful I think all of my kids are;-)