"How can there be too many children? It's like saying there are too many flowers." Mother Theresa

Friday, May 28, 2010


7 years ago I had one child. I was a single Mother, divorced from my sons Ethiopian father. I was codependent, bitter and far from God. One Sunday morning I watched Southland Christian Church on TV and was blown away. I had never heard such practical teaching. I visited that night. Shortly later I'd surrender my life to Christ. MY soul looked like one of those houses on hoarders. It would take a long time to clean up one of those houses and it would take years to clean me up as well. Occasionally there's a box or two in my house still. :-)
6 years ago I remarried. We would grow in Christ together. With my new husband came two more children. So, 6 years ago I became the mother to three.
After being married a year, I went through the curriculum by Neil Anderson, Victory over the Darkness. Through that study I learned of my identity in Christ. My adoption into God's family, and God's desire for his children.
4 years ago, sitting in Church watching a video about Ethiopian orphans, God spoke to me.
3 years ago in January, I became the mother of 5.
Not long after being home, we found that our new son had left behind some siblings. He particularly grieved for the little sister he had left behind. We went to Southland and they prayed over us that she would be found. One orphan in 3 million. She was found three days later.
Less than two years ago, I became the mother of 6.
While we were in Ethiopia, our son asked if we would find his older brother and sister and give them the money he had in his bank account.
This December I became the mother to 8.
Ain't God great?

Today I sit in my air conditioned house, food in the refrigerator, flowers blooming outside, kids at school, and I am feeling a mix of blessing and distress. Why do I get to live this blessed existence? Why have I been given AND forgiven so much?
Someday I hope to tell my WHOLE story. I AM a miracle.
Listen, far-flung islands,
pay attention, faraway people:
God put me to work from the day I was born.
The moment I entered the world He named me.
He made me His straight arrow and hid me in His quiver.
He said to me, "You're my dear servant, through whom I'll shine."
Yes, God took me in the hand from the moment of birth to be His servant,
to bring His people back home to Him.
What an honor for me in God's eyes!
And now He says, "But that's not a big enough job for my servant-
just to recover your own family, merely to round up
the strays of your own people.
I'm setting you up as a light for the nations
so that my salvation becomes global!"
-Paraphrased from Isaiah 49:1-6 MSG as published in One Million Arrows.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

King Stefan, sisters, baseball

Simon was recently in the school production of Sleeping Beauty. He made a dashing King Stefan. Costume, as all our costumes, was made by my Momma.
It's the time of year that we spend most evenings at the baseball field. I LOVE it! Our boys are very talented and watching them play is pure joy for me! As you can see the fans are enjoying themselves.
We have decided that homeschool seems like the best option for Grace. She is excited about it. Anyone have a Rosetta Stone English program they'd like to sell? It's not coming as quickly as I'd like this time.
Sunday evening I will be speaking at a late Mothers Day event at a local church, Grace Christian. The FREE event is 4-6pm. I'd love it if you locals could make it!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy birthday Grace!

Grace got to have her first birthday celebration. She requested that our family and a couple other families that we hang out with go to lunch at Golden Corral for her big day. I guess when you've been hungry most of your life a buffet feels like heaven. She is very sweet and watching her navigate the unfamiliar territory of opening presents was a blessing. Ryan and I gave her money. She is attending an ESL night class and they have been learning about shopping and spending money, so we thought it fitting that we give her money and let her spend it! So us girls headed to Target after lunch. What does a teenager a few months new to this country buy with 100.00? First she says she will give 10.00 to church, the "bible say to." Then she bought soap, a headband, two sets of hair barrettes, an artificial flower, and some pens. No Clothes! Can you believe it? I would have spent 100 dollars and some odd cents on clothes and had to bum from my Mom at the check out. She is too modest for most any clothes in any store. It is an odd position to be in with her. She is teaching me so much about my own insecurities and heart problems. She tells us often of the things Jesus does not like (seems like everything) and I so long to sit down and teach her about Grace and about freedom. The irony is though that she is revealing much about grace and freedom to me. Daughters are much more difficult for me than sons, with daughters there is no hiding. With daughters you have to work out the ugly or pass it on. I have chosen to work it out. Click the following link to play video: