"How can there be too many children? It's like saying there are too many flowers." Mother Theresa

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

school trip and hum, um 35 years old?

Noah got in an age progression machine, above is a picture of him very old.
Me and bubby at the park.
Noah and friends on a scavenger hunt.

We went on the 4th grade trip last week. We left early Wednesday morning and went to a science center. Then we went to a park. We spent the night in the Hampton Inn and the next day visited a cave and a Austrailia type of park. We returned home Thursday night and Friday morning loaded the school bus for a two hour ride to a state historical site. It was wonderful to spend time with Noah and watch him interact with his friends.
On Friday, I turned 35 and my husband turned 33. 35 is tough for me...
35 means....
I know my years of being able to bear a child biologically are numbered.
I know the greatest thing we can give anyone is love
I know some people will never love us the way we wish for them too, but we must be gracious and love them anyway.
I know I have ONE life to work for Gods Glory and the time to do it is NOW.
I know I will only get physically less attractive, but my inside continues to become more beautiful
I know there are such worse problems in the world than my battle with 10 lbs.
I know there is good in the world as evidenced by my husband and kids
35 leaves many of my questions unanswered...
Why do those with HIV die in Africa, but not in the US?
Why do I need a pair of shoes for every outfit, when all over the globe children go without any shoes?
Why do we have such a food distribution issue? Why are we throwing food away, when so many go to bed hungry?
Why do stay at home Mom's judge me? Why do I?
In the next 35 years...I hope to be surrounded by grandchildren of ever race, from all over the world. I hope Ryan and I are serving our Lord somewhere outside of this country. I hope many of questions have answers...more than that I hope I still have questions.

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