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Monday, September 29, 2008

bucket list

My church is doing a series entitled “30 Days to Live”. It is not about dying it is about really living. Our Pastor has encouraged everyone to write a “Bucket List”, a list of things we would like to do before our “life” here on earth, runs out. Our prayer during this time comes from the Psalms. “Teach us to count our days, and teach us to make our days count. “
If I had 30 days left to live I would: (In no certain order.)
1. Go to Ethiopia and meet my son’s family. I’d treat them to a fabulous dinner, new clothes, and a warm shower. Then I tell them of their Creator’s great love for them. I would hold them and love them, as their dear mother did not live long enough to do so. Then…
2. I’d go to the Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa. I’d pour into those women. I would tell them of their great value. I would also tell them they are beautiful and I know the one who RESTORES.
3. I’d love my DAD as his parents never did.
4. I’d play a family softball game in front of my grandmother’s old house. All my Mom’s living family would be there and we would have watermelon on the picnic table after the game.
5. I’d spend a night and day one on one with my children and tell them everything I have learned and everything I still desire to know. I would tell them, besides my salvation, they are my GREATEST gift.
6. I’d go on a trip with my husband to anywhere and tell him how much he means to me and all he has taught me.
7. I’d spend a weekend with my brother and his wife and laugh until my belly hurt.
8. I’d have a girls night out that might end in arrest.
9. I’d spend a quiet day beside a stream telling the Living Water how thankful I am.
10. I'd spend time laughing and crying with my Mother, my greatest friend.

I’m sure if I thought long enough, I’d come up with a list a mile long. But since I am already crying I’ll stop here and reflect. Reflect on the things that are not on my list, things that seem to matter in everyday life…material things did not make the cut. Food did not make the cut. Entertainment, not there either. People, that’s what made the list. People, the crown of creation, the reason for living well.

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Unknown said...

Nice...I want to go with you on your trips and of course the girls night out. Miss you!