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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Conversations with a Purse

A month or so ago a co-worker of mine had a purse party. She invited me to go saying that I needed to purchase a purse to help her get a new or better purse. I was irritated. I had sold, am selling, t-shirts to help pay for our adoption and she didn't buy one. I prayed about it, and decided to BUY a purse. Funny I know, but I knew that if I didn't go to the party and buy a purse, I'd allow bitterness to creep into my heart, so I was obedient and bought a purse. Hear me on this, I put NO value in Coach bags. I do put value in the co-worker who was selling them though, so I went. And I bought. I bought the cheepest purse they had, a 20.00 small pink and white Coach knock off. It lives in the top shelf of my closet. I talk to it sometimes. It represents what I don't want in my life...materialism and greed. I believe how we spend our money is a mirror to our soul. Matthew 6:21 says" for where your treasure it there your heart will be also." My heart is NOT in a Coach bag, that's what I tell the bag anyway. Truth is I do have a Coach bag of another sort, it is love of clothes or preocupation with my appearance, of which I'm never satisfied. What is your Coach bag? Would Jesus have a preocupation with appearance? Would he care what KIND of bag we carry, car we drive, house we live in? NO. Gods word is clear on this one. Man looks @ the outward appearance. God looks @ the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7. I want to rid my self of materialism, it is the desire of my heart.
Father God, you came as man and lived a life of poverity. Give me grace to separate the fleeting things of this world and the eternal. May you, may love, be my only treasure. May that coach bag have no place on the highest shelf of my closet. May I be quicker to give and slower to purchase. Keep me mindful always of your words: "What does a man profit if he gain the whole world, but loses his soul." May I have a more loving spirit. I want the legacy that I leave my children a legacy of love. I want it to be said, "She had a heart like the Father, she loved well. " Thank you for always providing us our needs. Guide us in ways we may help others with their needs. Always, Always, Always, we pray in the name of love, your name, Christ Jesus. Amen
I'm going back downstairs to put that Coach bag in the FLOOR of my closet :)But those new clothes I bought today...I'm a work in progress.

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Debbie said...

Oh wow what an awesome post!! I so agree!!!!!!!!!!!